About US

About US

WOODCO Energy SA (previously WES - Wood Energy Solutions) is a European manufacturer of Biomass boilers and Cogeneration (CHP) systems. WOODCO was founded by Swiss, Irish and French  entrepreneurs with decades of biomass heating experience. WOODCO has manufacturing sites in Ireland and Switzerland and offices in Switzerland, France, Ireland and the UK. Our products are sold throughout Europe, USA and Canada.

WOODCO has arguably the most comprehensive suite of biomass boilers and cogeneration products on the market today.

Some facts
Over 100MW of biomass boiler power manufactured and supplied
Over 3,000 boilers worldwide
CO2 savings, equivalent to taking 6,400 cars off the road

We are ‘The Biomass Boiler people’. We design, manufacture and support one of the most comprehensive range of woodpellet boilers on the market comprising of domestic, commercial, condensing and microCHP biomass boilers.

Inauguration of WOODCO Energy SA in Lyon, France attended by Prime Minister of Ireland Mr. Enda Kenny

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There are 8 great reasons to do business with us

1. We design and manufacture all our own products –everything we know about how to make the best possible boiler has been integrated into the development of the E-COMPACT range. We are specialists in this sector. WOODCO is a one stop shop for wood pellet boilers, fuel stores,flues etc. If its wood pellets it must be WOODCO.

2. Not 'just another boiler' – choose an E-COMPACT boiler and you will be buying a design, product and support service developed with many years 'hands on' experience in the biomass boiler industry. Not theory, but 'real world' experience in boiler design, installation and after sales support and service.

3. Built up to a standard, not down to a price – we believe it is possible to be a successful company not by building our products down to a price, but by carrying out ongoing research and development to make them simple and functional for all. Easy to install, easy to maintain and easy to use means less expense for you in the long run, and far less hassle!

4. No hidden costs – all you would expect to get with the boiler is included,

5. Quality assured – we don’t rely on third party component testing (like some manufacturers) every component is function tested at the factory; we even dry fire the burner

6. Technical Support - When you call our Technical Support Help Desk you will speak directly with a ‘human being’, one who has been involved in the design, manufacture and testing of the unit. Installers recognise our support team as one of the most helpful in the market.

7. You really do matter – whether you purchase just one of our boilers or install 100 for your customers, you’ll be treated with the same absolute respect. Your business is the lifeblood of our company, and we’re committed to repaying you by making you 100% delighted you chose E-COMPACT Boilers from WOODCO – right from day one, for the lifetime of your boiler, and beyond.

8. It’s easy! – WOODCO’s E-COMPACT boilers are readily available, contact our Distributors, usually next-day delivery. Choose your E-COMPACT today, and you could be up and running in next to no time.