EcoCabin Commercial Biomass Boiler
EcoCabin Commercial Biomass Boiler
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EcoCabin Commercial Biomass Boiler

The EcoCabin is available in a variety of designs and include the E-COMPACT Commercial range of biomass boilers (55kW up to 200kW)

EcoCabin Commercial Biomass Boiler - Another exciting offering from WoodCo Energy incorporating the E-COMPACT Commercial Series of Biomass Boilers. For large thermal energy users particularly those in off gas areas, the EcoCabin solution is an ideal opportunity to reduce heating costs and avail of the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). The EcoCabin is a pre-packed solution with the biomass boiler, buffer tanks and controls pre-plumbed, pre-wired off site. It is delivered to the owners site in a ‘ready to go’ mode.

EcoCabin is attracting great interest from poultry, equestrian and mushroom farms, leisure centres, hotels, municipal buildings such as schools and civic offices, warehouses, factories and retail parks.

The EcoCabin structure is backed up by a 20 year warranty. WoodCo takes care of delivery to site, unloading and commissioning. 
Switching from Oil or LPG has never been easier.
● E-COMPACT Commercial Boiler (85-199kW)
● Buffer Tank 1500-3000
● Heat Metre
● Fuel Transportation System - Auger or Vacfill
● RHI Compliant Heat Metre
● Pre-wired & Pre-plumbed

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