5 simple yet surprising ways to help the environment from home

What are wood pellets?

We know that it can be difficult to find out how to help the environment from home. We have put together 5 tips to help you create an environmentally home that is sustainable and fun.

Add Plants that Sequester C02

Plant C02 sequestering plants in a pot or out in your garden. Aloe vera is a plant that filters our air more than your average piece of greenery. The benefits of having an aloe plant in your house doesn’t stop at the C02 removal however. Held within the plant is a natural moisturizer and healing gel which can be used for skin irritations

Install a Rain Collector

Consider installing a rain collector outside your home and use this water to spread among your garden or plants. – Surprise tip – You can use this water to wash your hair – the softness of the rainwater will cause the shampoo to foam up more than ever due to the water’s softness! – I’ve done it myself!

Collect and Reuse Containers

Re-use any glass jars you may have collected, you’ll be surprised with how many you can save. Place the used jar in your dishwasher or hand wash with hot water to clean and remove any packaging. This saves the jars from going through the energy intensive process of recycling or going to waste! They can be used for cocktails, smoothies, iced lattes, or even desserts.

Use the Power of Natural Light

Use the natural light. The sun’s solar energy is the best light for our bodies, providing us with energy, Vitamin D, and general mood boosting. Utilise the suns force by turning off indoor lights during the day and remain close to bright areas. You may even notice a feeling of joy as you take in the sunshine rays. Just imagine yourself as a solar panel soaking up the energy!

Hand Pick Weeds

Time to get down and dirty for number 5! The final tip to help the environment is to head out to that garden and remove unwanted greenery by hand or by tool! Using sprays will not only leech into the soil and damage nutrients and micro-organisms, but it also harms the not so micro-organisms. Bees and other pollinators can’t perform well when the ground is sprayed with chemicals, so it’s time for some manual labour!


If you feel like you may want to take a step further and make a large impact on the earth’s health, there are simple yet substantial changes you can make. Consider this: never pay for oil again. The development of Biomass Burners have allowed for oil users to switch and save money as well as the environment. Renewable and sustainable wood pellets are used instead of oil and boilers are equip with smart technology to connect to a phone or tablet. If you are interested in taking a step further towards your cleaner life, Woodco Renewable Energy will remove and install a new boiler for you and the planet. Never pay for oil again.

If you have taken steps already to switch from Oil to renewable heat already, then take a step further! Our users have reported that Solar PV panels will produce 60% of your total electricity needs as well as send excess energy to heat your water. It is now more possible than ever to transform your home to environmental pioneer status. Our team of friendly staff will be here to serve your transition to a greener home, and a home you can fall in love with once again. Visit Solarco’s website for more

I hope you’ve been inspired!