Renewable Energy (Biomass) in Ireland

In terms of renewable energy, Biomass hasn’t yet reached its potential in Ireland. Meanwhile, the country did not meet its 2021 target for renewable energy. And Ireland did not perform well in the use of renewables in the heat sector and fell short by 3% of their 2021 targets.

“Biomass technology takes a renewable source of fuel and through the combustion or gasification process. Converts that into a usable form of clean energy”.

“It provides a beneficial use; it can be for heat, it can be for combined heat and power for electricity, and if it’s gasified, it can be used for biogas or biomethane.” Paddy Phelen Irish BioEnergy Association.

What is Biomass?

Oftentimes, Biomass has been referred to as an ‘old technology’. But Biomass can be used for both heat and electricity and is a renewable energy source. Biomass is organic, it is made of material that comes from living organisms, such as plants and animals. The most common biomass materials used for energy are plants, wood, and waste.

At Woodco we have a wide range of biomass boilers and stoves that use wood pellets as fuel.

Biomass Ireland

What are Wood Pellets?

These Wood Pellets are made from compacted sawdust and related industrial wastes. These range from the milling of lumber, manufacture of wood products and furniture, and construction. Waste wood is used to manufacture pellets, making them a carbon-neutral form of energy.

Wood pellets are an environmentally friendly fuel, used for heating purposes. They are used in biomass boilers to produce heat and hot water in homes.

When looking to buy your wood pellet fuel, make sure that they are certified ENplus A1. The great thing about wood pellets is that they are widely available and their cost has remained steady over the last number of years while oil and gas have skyrocketed.

Biomass Boilers in Ireland

At Woodco we have a range of wood pellet boilers and stoves for your home and your business, see our full range here. Wood pellet boilers and stoves burn wood pellets at close to 95 percent combustion, which means there is very little waste.

All our boilers are manufactured in Ireland, and we have a full service team on the road. We have a store in Tipperary, Ireland with all spare parts for every boiler we produce. Woodco manufactures domestic biomass boilers up to 40kW, and commercial boilers up to 500kW to burn wood pellet.


Biomass Ireland

How Woodco Can Help You make the switch to Renewable Energy?

Ger Crosse CEO of Woodco Energy spoke to the Irish Examiner at the Energy and Farm Business Show recently and said he has watched the “evolution” of biomass in Ireland over the years. He said that people might have a “preconceived idea” that there was a lot of work involved in biomass – “Maybe a lot of manual intervention required,” he said.

Here we outline how easy it is to make the switch to biomass.

1. Making the switch to Biomass in Ireland is easy with Woodco:

Making the switch to Biomass is very easy for home and business owners currently running on Oil or Gas. In fact, in most cases we directly substitute the old oil or gas boiler and place the biomass boiler in its place, with very little disruption. We have a wide range of expertise on hand to guide you through the process.

2. Woodco’s Biomass Boilers have the latest technology:

Did you know that all of Woodco’s boilers have automatic ignition, automatic cleaning, automatic de-ashing and fully controlled with your wi-fi or Smartphone? Our Biomass boilers run so efficiently you’ll hardly know it’s running.

3. Woodco have been doing this for a while:

Woodco was originally set up in 1972, where we first designed and built a ‘back boiler’. Since the 1970s we have diversified and strengthened our business. Becoming a leading manufacturer and supplier of residential and commercial Biomass Boiler systems. From our manufacturing facility in Tipperary, we have supplied over 5,000 boilers worldwide. We have also become experts in key areas such the Pigs, Mushroom and Poultry sectors, Care Homes and Hotels & Leisure Centres.

4. Wood pellets are a widely available biomass in Ireland:

Ger Crosse also said to the Irish Examiner that, “Typically, on domestic use you’re into wood pellet, which is a fuel that’s made to a standard, which is very clean and clean to burn, or it’s either a log gasification boiler where we would recommend the moisture content of the fuel to be quite low”.

Wood pellets are got from any local coop or people also choose to bulk buy and get them delivered in pallets or blown in, if they have a pellet auger.

If you have any questions on Biomass or want to get more information on our boilers, give us a call on 062 74007. You can email us at

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