Errigal Poultry

500 kW SUPERMAX boiler with buffer tank

Roganstown Hotel and Country Club replaced CHP Gas with a Woodco SUPERMAX Biomass Boiler. They reduced their heating cost by 90%. Being in the hospitality sector, Roganstown Hotel & Golf Club have a high demand for heat. Biomass Boilers are becoming very popular in the hospitality sector as hotels look to decarbonise and making savings on their heating system.

Woodco is a leading manufacturer of commercial and residential Biomass Boiler systems. Our diary is very busy for 2023 with the agri-business (horticulture, pig and poultry and hospitality sector) sector particularly interested in decarbonising heat and installing biomass boilers under the SSRH

Woodco has also been awarded a contract by the Department of Education to supply Biomass Heating EcoCabins to secondary schools around Ireland, through the pathfinder programme. This we expect will be the first of many public buildings that will switch from fossil fuel to renewable heating systems.

Support Scheme for Renewable Heat (Biomass in Hospitality Sector)

The Support Scheme for Renewable Heat is a government funded initiative designed to increase the energy generated from renewable sources in the heat sector. The scheme is open to commercial, industrial, agricultural, district heating, public sector and other non-domestic heat users.

The purpose of the Support Scheme for Renewable Heat is to reduce Ireland’s carbon emissions. Ireland is currently ranked 27th out of all 27 European countries when it comes to renewable heating, and the 2050 Government Climate Action Plan means even more measures will come into place in the coming years to ensure Ireland is meeting these targets.

Contact Woodco to find out more about the SSRH Scheme by the SEAI. 

About the Support Scheme for Renewable Heat in the Hospitality Sector

The primary objective of the support scheme for renewable heat is to increase the level of renewable energy in the heat sector. This will contribute to meeting Ireland’s 2030 renewable energy targets whilst also reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The Scheme aims to

  • Bridge the gap between the installation and operating costs of renewable heating systems and the conventional fossil fuel alternatives; and
  • Incentivise the development and supply of renewable heat.

Eligibility criteria in the Hospitality Sector

Applicants must be able to demonstrate that:

  • Proposed heat use is eligible and adheres to verified energy efficiency criteria
  • Heat generating technologies and project installations comply with Building Regulations, Construction Products Regulations, EN Standards, efficiency, technology standards and air quality standards in relation to emissions
  • Designers and Installers are competent to carry out works
  • Recipients of payments meet tax clearance requirements

Other SSRH Projects by Woodco:

ESCO Glenties School

A 500kW SUPERMAX boiler in an Eco-cabin
installed in St Columbas School,
Glenties as part of an ESCO.

Lahinch Leisure Centre

Two Woodco SUPERMAX boilers were
installed in Lahinch Leisure Centre in 2022
(300kW & 100kW).

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