New Product

Introducing our new wood pellet cooker…… WoodCo are delighted to bring our Tri-Star  Cooker to the market in Spring of 2023. After countless hours, weeks, and years identifying the need for an Irish made renewable fuelled cooker. WoodCo are releasing a wood pellet cooker designed specifically for the Irish home. Similar in looks and finish to the traditional solid fuel cookers that resided in many the farmhouse in rural Ireland. This cooker is for the modern home where digital technology meets simplicity and comfort.


The Tri-Star Cooker is a 16kW wood pellet boiler consisting of a 60 litre pellet storage, heating drawer, large oven, hot plate countertop and see-through glass into the fire. The Tri-Star cooker makes a modern house, a home! Efficient, economical and compact, the Tri-Star wood pellet cooker features a large hot plate for cooking, a built-in ceramic hob, two ovens one amin oven with a 60-litre capacity and a drawer style oven with a 28-litre capacity.

The sleek and compact design is offered in a range of colours and finishes to complement any style. The cooker also has a 60-litre wood pellet fuel storage capacity.

The Tri-Star cooker is not just a cooker but also has the ability to heat water in your cylinder, radiators and underfloor around your house. It’s output is 16kW so it would be able to heat 113 m³.


The Beginning of the Tri-Star Cooker

Declan Crosse, Technical Director

Declan Crosse RIP

The idea for the Tri-Star Cooker came when Declan Crosse (RIP) seen imported European wood pellet cookers being installed in Irish homes as a replacement to an oil or solid fuel cooker. However European models weren’t specifically designed to suit Irish homes where traditionally our ceilings are lower than continental Europeans, and the ovens tended to be smaller than we would desire. Declan stuck with the idea and designed several models of wood pellet cookers until he finally developed the Tri-Star cooker. This cooker was finalised and to be tested in Czech Republic to ensure it met European Standards on safety. Declan suddenly and sadly passed away after developing  the Tri-Star Cooker! Declan’s legacy will live on in WoodCo and we are honoured to bring his invention to the marketplace!

Will it suit my house?

Looking similar to current solid fuel cookers, the Tri-Star will look exactly the same, with the flame visible from the front glass. The hopper and boiler are hidden from view so modern homes can enjoy a prominent centrepiece in the kitchen without burning dirty fossil fuels and being labour intensive. The Tri-Star Cooker has capacity for enough wood pellets to last 5 days depending on individual usage. With efficiencies of 91%, there is a small ash plate underneath the burning pot which needs to be emptied every 5 days or every week, again depending on usage.

You can buy wood pellets in small bags (10kg or 15kg) or have a large storage hopper external to the house and get them blown in to this. Many people buy the wood pellets by the tonne bag and store this in a dry environment. There are three main providers in Ireland of wood pellets, these are Balcas, Leinster Pellets and Laois Sawmills.

tristar cooker

Measurements (W x D x H): 1300 x 620 x 900 mm

Nominal heating power: 16 kW

Heating efficiency: 91%

Stay tuned for more information on the Tri-Star Cooker. The Tri-Star Cooker is sure to be an iconic centrepiece for the Irish home.

Get in touch with us to get more information on the release of the Tri-Star Wood Pellet Cooker.