WoodCo have launched a brand new scrappage offer which means you can trade in your old wood pellet boiler. WoodCo have a new scrappage offer for people who have a wood pellet boiler that is 10 years or older.

Why the Scrappage offer for my wood pellet boiler?

Our customer service team identified many old wood pellet boilers in Ireland that were nearing the end of life and now highly inefficient. The clients who had these boilers were becoming frustrated as they were so old, they were breaking down and it was difficult to get spare parts for them. The old boilers that were working fine were inefficient and burning excess fuel that increased cost to the end user.

Happy customer who traded in an old wood pellet boiler for a new WoodCo E-Compact 28kW external boiler.

Get in touch with WoodCo today to see how you can avail of the scrappage offer and get a free tonne of wood pellets with a new wood pellet boiler.

Why a WoodCo Wood Pellet Boiler?

WoodCo’s wood pellet boilers are over 90% efficient and come with a 5-year guarantee. We have a service crew who operate nationwide. We are also the first company in Europe to offer a website for all our boilers spare parts, find them here: www.biomasssparesdirect.com

WoodCo have a comprehensive offering of indoor and outdoor wood pellet boilers and you can check them out on our website here.

WoodCo manufacture, supply, commission and service our extensive range of wood pellet boilers.

A newer boiler would be a lot more efficient and wouldn’t be subject to breaking down or requiring spare parts. And is hassle free given the 5-year guarantee that WoodCo offer. The scrappage offer gives people who have a wood pellet boiler that’s 10 years to trade it in for a new WoodCo wood pellet boiler and receive a free one tonne of wood pellets! First generation wood pellet boilers would now be highly inefficient and operating at circa 60-70% efficiency. This results in overuse of wood pellets which increases your fuel bill.

After Sales Service

Woodco Fleet

WoodCo service vans at our offices in Donaskeigh, Tipperary.

WoodCo are delighted to have a great after sales service and have three fulltime service vehicles on the road Monday – Friday serving nationwide. If you ever have a technical question or require assistance, call us on 062-74007 and we will help you.

Free One Tonne Wood Pellets

One tonne of wood pellets in small 10kg bags (Picture is for illustrative purposes, brand of pellets may vary).

Once you purchase a new wood pellet boiler from us and have an existing one 10 years or older we will send you out a free tonne of wood pellets. We will deliver them direct to your door in whichever format you prefer, small bags, loose in a one tonne bag or blown into a hopper.

Call us on 062-74007  or email us on sales@woodco-energy.com to get more information and we will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

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