Case Study- Lahinch Leisure Centre- Transformation to Renewable Heat




About Lahinch Leisure Centre

Lahinch Leisure Centre is a newly redesigned family-friendly, state of the art Leisure Centre that encourages and advocates people to reach their Health and fitness goals. Lahinch Leisure Centre want to empower, motivate, support and include all people to better health and wellbeing. They are situated on the promenade in Lahinch with breath taking views of the coastline. WoodCo have complied this case study as this is an exemplary project on the transition to renewable heat!

Lahinch Leisure Centre

Aerial view of SeaWorld, Lahinch Leisure Centre!

The Vision:

Lahinch Leisure Centre require a large quantity of heat for its swimming pool and leisure centre. They were previously using oil which had become very expensive, and they wanted to switch to a renewable source of heat.

The Solution:

WoodCo installed two SUPERMAX Wood Pellet Boilers (300kW + 100kW). Lahinch Leisure Centre had an initial Capex of €135,000. They were able to avail of the Support Scheme for Renewable Heat from the SEAI, this means they get paid for the heat they produce for 15 years at a rate of €0.04/kwh.  The biomass running cost (wood pellet) is €0.09kwh, so this results in a net heating cost of €0.05kwh. The Wood Pellet is sourced in Ireland, and they use 200 tonnes per annum. This results in savings of 100 tonnes of CO2 per annum. This is resulting in significant savings compared to oil.

Lahinch Leisure Centre Heat

Two SUPERMAX Boilers installed at SeaWorld Lahinch Leisure Centre!

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