Case Study- Maryfield College– Transformation to Renewable Heat

WoodCo Energy helped Maryfield College transition from fossil fuel heating to renewable heat.

About Maryfield College

Maryfield College is a voluntary secondary school for girls within the free secondary education system. The school was founded in 1945 by the Sisters of the Cross and Passion. The current Trustees of the school are the Le Chéile Trust.

In the last 66 years, the school has grown steadily in numbers and facilities and in the year, 2014/15, has 667 pupils.

Maryfield College is a teaching and learning community which looks to prepare pupils for life in all its aspects – personal, academic, professional and social.

The school offers a secure, friendly environment based on mutual respect and support where pupils will be busy, happy and motivated to learn. Their Pastoral Care system seeks to provide, maintain and develop a sense of concern and encouragement for all pupils and staff so that all may thrive personally and academically.

Maryfield College, Drumcondra where WoodCo installed a 200kW Eco-Cabin.

The Vision for Renewable Heat:

Maryfield college uses 200Mwh of heat per annum and given the current climate crisis they needed to decarbonise. They previously used gas which had become very expensive, impacted negatively on the environment.

The Solution- Renewable Heat:

Woodco supplied an Eco-cabin under the Department of Education Pathfinder programme. Biomass heating was selected as the most appropriate heating technology given the high temperatures and heat requirement for this long-established property.

The site was ideally suited for access with pellet fuel delivery trucks and to located Woodco’s award winning EcoCabin. The clients are impressed with the silence and cleanliness of the system. Woodco has entered into a 15-year operation and maintenance agreement with the school and the school just pays for the heat it uses under an ESCO (Energy Supply Contract) agreement.

The Eco-Cabin installed at Maryfield College!

Woodco believes this is a blueprint that should be followed by many public sector buildings such as leisure centres, schools and municipal buildings.

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