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Commercial Biomass Boilers

Woodco Supermax Multi Fuel Boiler

The SUPERMAX multifuel boiler range is designed to burn wood chip and wood pellet. Manufactured using German, Austrian and Swiss components, the SUPERMAX range is available in outputs of 100kW up to 500kW.

The SUPERMAX range of boilers can be installed as part of our unique EcoCabin solution – the pre-packaged, plug-and-play plant room.

Woodco's Justsen range of large multifuel boilers

Woodco’s large multi-fuel boiler, by Danish Biomass Boiler manufacturing giant Justsen Energiteknik is available in outputs of 1 – 5MW.

The ARGUS Flex boiler range is compatible with all types of biomass fuel – dry wood pellet or wood chip, wet wood chip or bark, or straw and miscanthus.

Woodco's EcoCabin - the plug 'n' play, pre-packaged plant room.

Woodco’s award-winning EcoCabin solution is a ‘plug and play’, pre-packaged plant room.

The EcoCabin is pre-fitted with the boiler, buffer tank, pumps, flue system and controls, made bespoke to each individual customer’s specification. The unique EcoCabin solution eliminates any mess and fuss, with no requirement for a custom-built plant room on site.

E-Compact Twist Condensing wood pellet boiler

One of the most advanced biomass boilers on the market, Woodco’s E-Compact Twist commercial range of condensing wood pellet boilers is available in outputs of 50-150kW. The unique patented spiral heat exchanger allows for optimal energy transfer and unbeatable efficiency.

Subtle design and sleek casing. Automatic burner and heat exchanger cleaning. Optional automatic auger feeding. Fitted with i-Gen controller.

Woodco E-Compact commercial pellet boiler

The ATTACK DPX range of Wood Gasification boilers are designed for economic and cost-effective heating of homes and small businesses. Fuelled by dry wood and pellets, the modern and innovative design allows for burn time up to 8–12 hours.
User-friendly and reliable, the ATTACK boiler range can be used with an optional buffer tank to further increase its efficiency, with longer intervals between refuelling. ATTACK DPX Wood Gasification Boilers are available in outputs of 15 to 80kW, and are 85 – 90% efficient.

Woodco's DairyPod

We understand that dairy farmers have significant heat demands to keep their equipment in top condition, reduce TBCs and ensure premium quality output.

Woodco’s design team have come up with the DairyPod® – a unique, standalone high-temperature boiler that produces hot water at 95°C for wash-down of dairy equipment – the perfect solution for energy-conscious farmers.



Woodco buffer tanks
Woodco "i-Gen" controller for smart monitoring and control

All of our boilers are available with our new i-Gen Controller.
Combined with smart technology, the i-Gen Controller allows you to easily control and monitor the performance of your boiler, for improved efficiency.


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