WoodCo Domestic Brochure 2023

Woodco Scrappage Offer

Indoor Boilers

Prestige Boiler

Efficient, economical and environmentally friendly, the Prestige range of wood pellet boilers are available in outputs of 27 – 37 kW.

This no-nonsense boiler comes with sleek casing design and is WiFi enabled and combined with smart technology to offer the very best user experience. The boiler can be filled manually, or opt for additional 300kg fuel storage capacity with cyclomatic suction system or auger filling.

E-compact Slim boiler

E-Compact Slim indoor pellet boiler is perfect for domestic use where space is at a premium. Designed with a smaller footprint, your service engineer has full access from the front of the boiler and so can be discreetly installed against a wall.

Subtle design and sleek casing. Automatic burner and heat exchanger cleaning. Optional automatic auger feeding. Also available with i-Gen controller.

E-Compact ‘Twist‘ – 25 – 40kW

One of the most advanced biomass boilers on the market, Woodco’s E-Compact Twist condensing wood pellet boiler is available in outputs of 25 – 125kW. The unique patented spiral heat exchanger allows for optimal energy transfer and unbeatable efficiency for your home.

Subtle design and sleek casing. Automatic burner and heat exchanger cleaning. Optional automatic auger feeding. Fitted with i-Gen controller.


Outdoor Boilers

E Compact 'S'

The External E-Compact S-Model wood pellet boiler is fitted with weatherproof casing and frost stat protection to ensure the same excellent performance and efficiency as the indoor domestic model.
Available in outputs of 15 and 18kW, each with a 100kg integral pellet store. Save space indoors by installing this neat outdoor boiler in your back garden, or adjacent to the wall of your house. Also available with i-Gen controller.

E Compact Slim

Fully serviceable from the front, the outdoor E-Compact ‘Slim’ boiler can be installed directly a wall, the ideal solution for smaller homes. Fitted with weatherproof casing and frost stat protection as standard. Choose manual or automatic pellet feeding with external fuel store.
Available in black and green. Also available with i-Gen controller.


Log Gasification Boilers

Attack Boiler

ATTACK DPX range of Wood Gasification boilers are designed for economic and cost-effective heating of homes and small businesses. Fuelled by dry wood and pellets, the modern and innovative design allows for burn time up to 8–12 hours.
User-friendly and reliable, the ATTACK boiler range can be used with an optional buffer tank to further increase its efficiency, with longer intervals between refuelling. ATTACK DPX Wood Gasification Boilers are available in outputs of 15 to 80kW, and are 85 – 90% efficient.

Blaze Comfort Log Boiler

Blaze Comfort range of Wood Gasification boilers are designed for three-way air supply: the ability to efficiently burn multiple types of fuel and wet wood. It has residual fuel volumetric detection system, operator comfort and fuel saving. The boiler has a sloped bottom which means there’s no need to remove ash from the loading chamber so it requires less work.

Woodco buffer tanks


Wood Pellet Stoves

Stepping away from our domestic boilers, our home and lifestyle range Woodco pro offers a comprehensive range of ventilated, ductable, and hydro pellet stoves. With the efficiency of our wood pellet stoves, you can heat multiple rooms in your home quietly and sustainably. Choose the room you want to have the flame in, and allow us to design a ducting system or a boiler system that provides warm air directly into adjacent rooms, and hot water for your radiators and domestic use. Choose from a sleek black finish or bold stainless steel ducting system to channel your eco-friendly heat. Find out which one is right for you.


Outdoor Lifestyle

The future of sustainable living starts with Woodco pro.

It looks like we will be entertaining at home again this year, so let’s do so, sustainably. Woodco pro offers a range of outdoor lifestyle products including wood pellet patio heaters, wood pellet barbeques and wood burning pizza ovens. Take dining “al fresco” to the next level with out eco-friendly products.



Woodco "i-Gen" controller for smart monitoring and control

All of our boilers are available with our new i-Gen Controller.
Combined with smart technology, the i-Gen Controller allows you to easily control and monitor the performance of your boiler, for improved efficiency.