18kW DairyPod

18kW DairyPod


We know that dairy farmers have massive heating demands to allow for the effective running of their business.

To ensure premium quality output, farmers must ensure that their stock and the costly milking equipment is kept clean and in peak condition. Using hot water is key – but, due to high electricity bills, many farmers do not use hot water for evening wash-down, with some using hot water only once every second, or even third day.

This increases Total Bacteria Counts (TBCs) and levels of heat-resistant Thermoduric bacteria, incurring penalties in the monthly milk cheque.

The Solution

To remedy this, Woodco’s design team have come up with the DairyPod® – a unique, standalone high-temperature boiler that produces hot water at 95°C for wash-down of dairy equipment.

The DairyPod® includes a self-cleaning 18kW E-Compact biomass boiler with an integral fuel store. The boiler is fuelled by sustainable and carbon-neutral wood pellets, which means that it qualifies for RHI in the UK, and will too be eligible for the upcoming SSRH in the Republic of Ireland.

The Technology

The DairyPod® is an 18kW, fully automatic Biomass Boiler fuelled by wood pellets.

The DairyPod® burner is automatically cleaned using pneumatic technology, meaning that the system is virtually hands-off

The DairyPod® unit can sit comfortably outside your milking parlour, in rain, hail or snow, thanks to its weatherproof external casing.

At >90% efficiency, the DairyPod® pellet boiler allows dairy farmers get the best bang for their buck, and make massive savings on heating costs.

Our unique controller allows the DairyPod® to efficiently heat water to temperatures of 85ºC and above. This super-hot water keeps milking equipment in peak condition, killing more bacteria and thus keeping TBCs at a minimum.

Like all our boilers, the DairyPod® can be easily controlled via smartphone for your convenience. Easily turn the system on and off, receive low fuel level notifications, and several more functions to make your life a little easier.

Not only that, but you can access the online portal for monitoring and performance reports, so that you can keep an eye on your heating costs.

This one-of-a-kind product won ‘Best Environmental Sustainability Initiative’ at the World Dairy Innovation Awards 2017.

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