E-Compact ‘Twist’ Condensing pellet boiler (25 – 45kW)

E-Compact ‘Twist’ Condensing pellet boiler (25 – 45kW)

E-Compact ‘Twist ‘ Condensing Pellet Boiler

E-Compact Twist Condensing wood pellet boiler

The most powerful range of domestic condensing pellet boilers in the world, the E-Compact ‘Twist‘ is available in outputs of 25kW to 45kW, and is ideal for homes with underfloor heating. The only condensing pellet boiler in the world with a single heat exchanger, the E-Compact ‘Twist‘ condensing boiler can achieve efficiencies of up to 103%.


  • Unbeatable efficiency with pioneering condensation technology

  • Optimal energy transfer

  • i-Gen Controller for smart control and monitoring

  • Automatic heat exchanger cleaning

  • Automatic burner cleaning (linear actuator)

  • Inspection glass on burner door

  • Super low emissions

  • Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger

  • Lambda probe (optional)

  • Automatic feeding system

  • Spacious removable ash drawer

  • i-Gen controller for remote monitoring

  • Automatic Exhanger cleaning

  • Smart Burner Plate cleaning

  • Automatic ignition system

Optional Extras

Technical Information

  PRESTIGE Technical Specification  
  Model Boiler Rated Output Height Width Depth Weight Weight Capacity Fuel Capacity Connections Flue Connection  
  (kW) (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm) (kg) (ltr) (kg) (inch) (mm)  
                    (Diameter at boiler)  
Prestige 25 25 1293 675 842 235 25 30 1 80
Prestige 40 40 1293 675 872 245 33 30 1 80
Wood pellet boiler specifications

i-Gen Controller

Woodco "i-Gen" controller for smart monitoring and control

All of our domestic wood pellet boilers are available with our new i-Gen Controller. Combined with smart technology, the i-Gen Controller allows you to easily control and monitor the performance of your boiler, for improved efficiency.

The ultimate in boiler control, and combined with smart technology,  the i-Gen enables ‘out of the box’ installation with fuzzy logic PID control, meaning the commissioning process is greatly simplified.


  • Access your monitoring platform on desktop or mobile

  • 7-day programming

  • Reminders to clean your boiler’s ash pan and to schedule services send directly to your inbox

  • Low fuel level notifications

  • Comprehensive fuel usage reports

  • Remote access via WiFi for support from our technical team if required

  • Fuzzy logic PID control, for quick and easy commissioning


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