Woodco’s award-winning EcoCabin solution is a ‘plug and play’, pre-packaged plant room.

It contains the boiler, buffer tank, pumps, flue system and controls. Each EcoCabin is made to the individual customer’s specification and can also include the fuel store.

All EcoCabins are fully pressure tested for leaks and dry-fired to ensure all components on the boiler are working before leaving our factory. Our EcoCabins are plumbed with mappress crimp pipework and lagged with clad to ensure excellent efficiency and premium quality.

A selection of Kingspan aluclad panels and colour choices are available should you require an EcoCabin to match their existing building profile.

Standard specifications of the Woodco EcoCabin:

  • E-COMPACT Commercial Pellet Boiler

  • Buffer tank (1,500 – 3,000L)

  • Heat Meter (Kamstrup) RHI Compliant

  • Fuel Transportation System (Cyclomatic or Flexi-Auger)

  • Plate Heat Exchanger

  • Pre-wired and plumbed in 2” mappress pipework

  • Remote control and wireless modem

  • Wilo Stratos 40 Pumps

  • Chimney (8” Twin Wall Stainless Steel)