Slim External Pellet Boiler (18kW)

Slim External Pellet Boiler (18kW)

Slim Outdoor Pellet Boiler

Fully serviceable from the front, the outdoor E-Compact ‘Slim’ Boiler can be installed outdoors and directly against a wall – the ideal solution for smaller homes where space is at a premium.

Fitted with weatherproof casing and frost stat protection as standard, choose between manual or automatic feeding with external fuel store.

Available in black and green, and also fitted with Woodco’s proprietary i-Gen controller.

Standard Features

  • i-Gen Controller for smart control and monitoring

  • Automatic heat exchanger cleaning

  • Automatic burner cleaning (linear actuator)

  • Sleek casing design

  • Manual hopper filling

  • Generously-sized ash pan

  • Inspection glass on burner door

  • Single Fan

  • Water Pressure sensor and draught regulator as standard

  • Energy Efficient pump

Optional Extras

  • Automatic de-ashing

  • Lambda control

  • Additional 300kg fuel storage capacity (left or right option) with cyclomatic suction system or auger filling

  • WiFi for remote control and diagnostics

18kW Slim External Pellet Boiler

Woodco’s E-Compact range of robust and efficient Slim pellet boilers.

The Woodco 18kW Slim Pellet Boiler is available in both internal and external models.

Why the E-Compact i-Gen is ‘The Original and Best’

  • The most extensive range of External boilers on the market (SLIM and S models in choice of colours and hopper capacities)

  • Designed specifically for external use (they are not a modified internal unit)

  • Patented pending external auger fill option

  • Patent pending ‘SLIM’ boiler models

  • Most compact units on the market (fit through a standard door width)

  • 2 year parts guarantee*

  • Automatic Burner cleaning as standard (models 15/18/28kW)

  • Automatic Cleaning Heat Exchanger as standard (all models)

  • Weather Proof IP rated casing

  • Ceramic igniter (as standard)

  • Plastic moulded lid (on S Models)

  • Energy Efficient variable speed pump (as standard)

  • Frost stat (as standard)

* Subject to conditions

The ultimate in boiler control the i-Gen enables ‘out of the box’ installation with fuzzy logic PID control, meaning the commissioning process is greatly simplified. Combined with Smart Technology, the advanced algorithm within the i-Gen’s firmware means E-Compact i-Gen is one of the easiest boilers to install and commission on the market.

Full reports on fuel usage and operating performance are available as standard.

Remote access and control is available via GSM or WIFI should technical support or customer service be required.

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