Sherwood Log Gasification Boiler (20kW – 30kW )

Sherwood Log Gasification Boiler (20kW – 30kW )

Sherwood Log Gasification Boiler

The brand-new Sherwood Log Gasification Boiler has been developed as a very quiet, efficient and economical system for wood users. The large combustion chamber enables a greater volume of fuel to be loaded, which will last for up to 7 hours of heating.

Large heat absorbing surfaces, extended hot gas passages and pre-heated air intake make the Sherwood boiler one of the most efficient products on the market. With smart design processes, easy-access spaces allow quick and simple cleaning when required. Simple yet effective, the Sherwood boiler can be used with an optional buffer tank to further increase its efficiency, increasing the intervals between refuelling.

What makes the Sherwood Log Gasification Boiler different from the others?

  • Special canals inside the doors allow pre-heating of combustion air via natural air flow

  • Large loading door at waist-level

  • Interchangeable copper emergency flush system

  • Observation glass in lower door

  • Robust hinge system

  • Independently adjustable primary and secondary air inlets

  • Induced draft fan to eliminate smoke leakage

  • By-pass system which automatically engages to prevent smoke bursts when the door is open

  • Reverse flame in combustion chamber

  • Economical solid fuel burning

  • Quick and easy cleaning

  • Low electricity consumption

  • Durable structure for long life

  • Safe, mechanical non-electric thermostat

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