Prestige Pellet Boiler (25kW – 40kW)

Prestige Pellet Boiler (25kW – 40kW)

Prestige Internal Pellet Boiler

Woodco’s Prestige pellet boiler range is our premium boiler. A no-nonsense, robust boiler with outstanding efficiency and low emissions, available in 25kW and 40kW models.

The ultimate in boiler control, the i-Gen enables ‘out of the box’ installation with fuzzy logic PID control, meaning the commissioning process is greatly simplified.

Combined with Smart Technology.

Standard features include:

  • i-Gen Controller

  • Automatic Heat exchanger cleaning

  • Automatic burner cleaning (linear actuator)

  • Sleek casing design

  • Manual hopper filling

  • Generously-sized ash pan

  • Inspection glass on burner door

  • Single Fan

  • Water Pressure sensor and draught regulator as standard

  • Energy Efficient pump

Optional extras are:

  • Automatic de-ashing

  • Lambda control

  • Additional 300kg fuel storage capacity (left or right option) Cyclomatic suction system or auger filling

  • WIFI enabled for remote control and diagnostics

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