Blaze Natural Plus Log Gasification Boiler

  • Unique wood log gasification boiler with exhaust fan and control unit for output regulation
  • Certified output adjustability of 30–100 % allows installation WITHOUT a buffer tank
  • 4 patents in a single boiler
  • Excellent price/performance ratio
  • Simple replacement of existing non-compliant boilers
  • Low fuel consumption, long boiler life
  • Efficiency 90 % over the entire power range
  • Complies with Ecodesign, boiler energy class A+
  • Certified boiler according to ČSN EN 303-5, emission class 5
  • Required chimney draft 10 Pa
  • Very low electricity consumption. With sufficient chimney draught, operation without fan is possible

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Standard Features of Blaze Natural Plus Log Gasification Boiler

  • Certified output adjustability 30-100% allows installation .WITHOUT a buffer tank

  • The controller allows easy adjustment of the desired boiler output using a rotary control. The controller controls the output according to the flue gas temperature. A separate button switches the exhaust fan to maximum power for trouble-free fuel loading without smoke.

  • 4 patents in a single boiler.

  • Simple replacement of existing non-compliant boilers.

  • Low fuel consumption, long boiler life.

  • The boiler is able to operate permanently only on the chimney draft. When the desired output is reached, the natural chimney draft takes over the function of the fan and in this case the electricity consumption is almost zero.

  • Unique boiler with possible operation completely WITHOUT electricity.

  • Protection against low temperature corrosion

  • Three-way air intake

  • Anti-corrosion protection system insulated compact warm chamber

  • The sloping bottom of the gasification chamber

  • Top controllability of boiler performance

Technical Information of Blaze Comfort Solid Fuel Boiler

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