Blaze Comfort Solid Fuel Boiler

Blaze Comfort Log Boiler

The Blaze Green range of Wood Gasification boilers are designed for three-way air supply: the ability to efficiently burn multiple types of fuel and wet wood. It has residual fuel volumetric detection system, operator comfort and fuel saving. The boiler has a sloped bottom which means there’s no need to remove ash from the loading chamber so it requires less work. It has flexible flue pipe, small storage spaces, right-hand design: space-saving and easy connection to flue pipes. Blaze Green boilers have a compact warm chamber which will give it an extended service life.

Mechanical turbulators (optional): operator comfort and fuel savings thanks to a clean exchanger

Horizontal door: efficient loading of bulk fuels

An advanced design platform with streamlined gasification (sophisticated solution of primary air intakes to the exhaust ducts at the bottom of the loading chamber) enables excellent controllability of performance: saving the volume of equalization (accumulation) tanks.

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Standard Features of Blaze Green Solid Fuel Boiler

  • Fuel saving – is ensured by the patented system of detection of the persistent glow layer and other progressive elements (multi-band primary air supply, warm loading chamber, power control method, preheated secondary air, etc.). The boiler therefore achieves high efficiency in real operation.

  • The boiler enables high-quality burning of fuels of various sizes – wood chips, sawdust, briquettes of lower quality (small or lightly compressed). Conventional gasification boilers are very sensitive to dimensions and type of fuel.

  • The patented 3-zone air supply system allows you to burn large pieces of fuel and piece wood with higher humidity.

  • Thanks to the excellent controllability of the output, it is possible to achieve the same high-quality operation (in terms of efficiency and comfort) even with a smaller volume of storage tanks than with ordinary boilers.

  • Long burning time (up to 8 h at reduced power).

  • Mechanical detection of residual fuel

  • Protection against low temperature corrosion

  • Three-way air intake

  • Anti-corrosion protection system insulated compact warm chamber

  • The sloping bottom of the gasification chamber

  • Top controllability of boiler performance

Technical Information of Blaze Green Solid Fuel Boiler

Woodco Log gasification Boiler by Blaze Comfort


1. Loading chamber
2. combustion chamber
3. Flue gas exchanger side
4. Exhaust gas exchanger rear
5. Protective cover of the loading chamber
6. Controller control unit
7. Flue gas exhaust fan
8. Secondary air regulator
9. Rear exchanger screen
10. Loading door
11. Lower door
12. Detection arm of the constant glow
13. Loading door sensor***
14. Flue gas outlet
15. Inlet nozzle G 2 1/2″
16. Outlet nozzle G 6/4″
17. Controller control panel
18. Air flap
19. Viewing window with ceramic glass
20. Nozzle
21. Fitting for the bottom of the loading chamber
22. Emergency thermostat
23. Water temperature sensor
24. Flue gas temperature sensor
25. Reinforcement spring of the upper door
26. Arresting strut
27. Combustion chamber fitting
28. Combustion chamber fittings bar,
29. Thermal insulation of the lower door
30. Air distribution panel
31. Turbulators
32. Turbulator lever ***
33. Boiler water temperature control thermostat ***
34. Draining and filling nozzle 1/2″
35. Nozzle fitting
36. Permanent glow layer detection sensor
37. Cooling water output
38. Water distributor
39. Cooling water inlet
40. Combiner
41. Plug for the rear pick-up hole exchanger
42. Sink for the after-cooling armature sensor
43. Pre-drying air outlet
44. Fitting for the bottom of the loading chamber
45. Shape centre
47. Pressure spring of the thermostat
48. Reduction 1 ½” to 6/4″
49. Boiler foot bolt
50. Primary air intake
51. Secondary air intake
52. Pre-drying air inlet
53. Fuel detection arm blocking
54. Servo drive holder for Lambda probe
55. Servo drive
56. Lambda arm

Note: The illustrated boiler diagrams are in the version with mechanical turbulators and
integrated thermostat for reversing protection. These accessories are optional and basic
the boiler version does not have this equipment.

***optional accessory

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