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We are in the midst of a global waste crisis.

With a population of over 7.5 billion, the Earth can’t keep up with our demand for its resources, and the waste that we generate.

Now more than ever, we are becoming aware of the impact of excessive waste generation on our planet. Landfills are steadily filling up, our oceans and coastlines are polluted with excessive amounts of plastic waste, and one in every 10 people are forced to practice open defecation.

Today, scientists estimate that we need around 1.6 planets to keep up with our consumption of resources, and to absorb our waste.

At Woodco Renewable Energy Ltd, we are passionate about protecting our environment – so we have come up with a solution to tackle the waste crisis, while generating clean, usable heat and electricity at the same time.

We have designed boiler systems that are capable of safely (and legally) burning various wastes, such as

producing clean, usable heat and electricity.

These unique systems are WID-compliant – they are fitted with special filtration technology, trapping all the nasty chemicals from these hazardous fuels, and so pose no threat to the environment.

Waste Wood WID Boiler System
SRF WID Boiler System
Biogenic Processor

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