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Woodco Energy has roots back to the 1970s in its current location in Donaskeigh, Tipperary!

At that time, open fires, fuelled with peat and wood, were the main source of heat in Irish homes. In 1972, Gerard Crosse was inspired to design and build a “back” boiler, which used the fire to heat other rooms in the house.

Since the 1970s we have diversified and strengthened our business, becoming a leading manufacturer and supplier of residential and commercial Biomass Boiler systems. From our manufacturing facility in Tipperary, we have supplied over 5,000 boilers worldwide. Woodco Energy have also become experts in key areas such the Pigs, Mushroom and Poultry sectors, Care Homes and Hotels & Leisure Centres.

In recent years, Woodco’s Research & Development team began to focus on complex Waste to Energy systems. Woodco has won several awards including the prestigious Green Product Award in 2018. In the 47 years since Gerard Crosse designed our first boiler, we have come a long way.

Read on to find out more about Woodco Energy’s company history, our products and services and how we help our customers make savings on their heating bills, while reducing their carbon footprint. You can also meet our team and find out how to get in contact with us.

A History of Woodco Energy

Gerard Crosse established Gerard Crosse & Sons, as a solid fuel boiler manufacturer, with his sons Gerry and Alec. Initially a manufacturer of oil tanks and agricultural equipment, a bright idea led to the design of the “back boiler”. This was the foundation of our journey in the heating business.

Now known commonly as Gerkros, the company began to import oil boilers from Italy and Germany, to supplement its booming back boiler business. Consumers considered oil to be a clean, cheap fuel. Gerry Crosse designed and developed the company’s own oil boiler.

Climate change became a household term and consumers became more and more conscious of using eco-friendly fuels and appliances. The Gerkros team developed a prototype of our very first wood pellet boiler. Its success was a key factor in the development of our business.

Gerard Crosse Jr. and Declan Crosse joined the company in 2008 and decided to focus exclusively on Biomass Boilers and renewable energy. The company was rebranded as Wood Energy Solutions, known to our customers simply as WES. Many of our domestic pellet boilers were installed in the UK.

To reflect our focus on combined heat and power systems, the company rebranded as “Woodco Energy”. Our range of Biomass Boilers continued to grow, with the introduction of the SUPERMAX Multifuel Boiler and the popular EcoCabin, the pre-packaged, plug-and-play plant room.

Woodco Energy formed an exclusive partnership with Biomass Boiler manufacturing giant Justsen Energiteknik of Denmark, for the distribution of > 1MW Biomass Boiler systems in Ireland and the UK. Our R&D team began their development of the Biogenic Processor.

SolarCo by WoodCo was set up in January 2018 covering the island of Ireland installing Solar PV Systems!

Woodco Energy is a key player in the Irish Biomass Boiler market. Our customers often cite our industry experience as one of the deciding factors in choosing us as a partner, when upgrading their heating system. Contact us today to see how we can help you.

The Support Scheme for Renewable Heat was launched by the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland. This meant that businesses could switch from fossil fuels to biomass and get paid for the heat they produce for 15 years. WoodCo are the largest suppliers of biomass boilers in Ireland!

WoodCo Energy acquired Bioenergy Installations which facilitates Energy Supply Contracts (ESCO’s). This is where WoodCo install and maintain a biomass boiler for a client and the client only pays for the heat it uses. ESCO’s run for 15 years and the client is guaranteed to pay less than the current cost of oil/gas.