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Cogetherm & Cogemax microCHP powered by WOODCO

MicroCHP Pellet Boiler with Heat Outputs from 15-28kW and Electrical cogeneratiion of 1.5 - 2.8kW. This is the ultimate Renewable Energy Product.

Our domestic CHP products are available in Cogemax (Boiler & Cogeneration system) or Cogetherm ( Cogeneration module only). Using our patented scroll expander design the Cogemax is the only domestic biomass CHP boiler on the market capable of delivering electrical outputs up to 2.8kw.

Cogetherm is available in outputs up to 10kwe (when matched with a WOODCO boiler up to 100kwt)

WOODCO's biomass CHP systems are extremely low mainteance compared to other CHP systems such as stirling

See also our Commercial CHP units for larger capacity CHP  

WOODCO Energy products are subject to regular third party Product Surveillance Audits which is part of our commitment to supplying our customers with consistently high quality products. Manufactured from the highest quality materials in our ISO 9001 accredited production facility you know you have a quality product.

Please contact us on +44 161 261 7497 or via contact us form for more information about our products or purchase inquiry. 

WOODCO Energy - one of the largest and most experienced biomass boiler manufacturer in UK , US , Ireland and Europe. Our product range includes:

Commercial Biomass Boilers

Domestic Biomass Boilers 

Latest News and Events
WOODCO will unveil its new External Log Biomass boiler at Hearth & Home 2017. Fully RHI compliant it is timed to co-incide with the increase in domestic RHI Incentives.
Available in 20 & 30kw models.
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