E-Compact ‘S’ wood pellet boiler (15 – 40kW)

E-Compact ‘S’ wood pellet boiler (15 – 40kW)

E-Compact ‘S’ Pellet Boiler (15, 28 & 40kW)

Woodco E-Compact S Model wood pellet boiler

Simple and efficient, the E-Compact wood pellet boiler is the ideal choice for homeowners who want to more heat their homes in a more sustainable and cost effective way. Enjoy automatic burner cleaning and heat exchanger cleaning.

Optional extras include automatic pellet feeding, and low-level pellet sensor. Also available with i-Gen controller for smart control and monitoring.

Standard Features

  • Automatic burner cleaning as standard

  • Automatic heat exchanger cleaning as standard

  • Ceramic ignitor (as standard)

  • Plastic-moulded lid

  • Energy-efficient variable speed pump, as standard

  • Fitted with frost-stat for weather protection

The ‘S’ model boiler is also available as an outdoor boiler, with weatherproof casing – an ideal solution for those who have more limited space.

All E-Compact boilers can be used with auxiliary auger systems and bulk fuel storage systems for automatic pellet feeding, which means you needn’t worry about a thing. See more on fuel transport and storage systems here.

Technical Information

  E-Compact 'S' Technical Specification  
  Model Boiler Rated Output Height Width Depth Weight Tappings Fuel Capacity Water Content  
  (kW) (mm) (mm) (mm) (mm) (kg)   (kg) (ltr)  
E-Compact 15 'S' 15 1068 600 977 160 3/4" 100 18
E-Compact 28 'S' 28 1068 600 1057 170 3/4" 100 24
E-Compact 40 'S' 40 1425 872 1277 375 11/4" 125 76

E-Compact 15/28 ‘S’ Technical Specification

E-Compact 40 ‘S’ Technical Specification

E-Compact 40 Technical Specifications

i-Gen Controller

Woodco "i-Gen" controller for smart monitoring and control

All of our domestic wood pellet boilers are available with our new i-Gen Controller. Combined with smart technology, the i-Gen Controller allows you to easily control and monitor the performance of your boiler, for improved efficiency.

The ultimate in boiler control, and combined with smart technology,  the i-Gen enables ‘out of the box’ installation with fuzzy logic PID control, meaning the commissioning process is greatly simplified.


  • Access your monitoring platform on desktop or mobile

  • 7-day programming

  • Reminders to clean your boiler’s ash pan and to schedule services send directly to your inbox

  • Low fuel level notifications

  • Comprehensive fuel usage reports

  • Remote access via WiFi for support from our technical team if required

  • Fuzzy logic PID control, for quick and easy commissioning


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